General Partner

A-Level Capital, LLC

Corey Li

Co-Founder at A-Level Capital & Investment Banking Summer Analyst at Jefferies

Paul has been a spectacular advisor to A-Level Capital, and has been amazingly engaged with the team. He has dedicated a great deal of time to speaking with the investment team on various issues that have arisen as they have worked and learned through the due diligence and investment process. As an experienced venture capitalist, Paul has a lot of advice to offer, and that’s exactly what he’s done. His expertise in startup investing helped the team tremendously, and he has also taken time to engage on an individual level with each member of the investment team. Paul has stressed that he only wants to see personal growth of every team member, and has clearly gone above and beyond to foster said growth.

November 16, 2015, Corey worked directly with Paul at A-Level Capital, LLC


Member, Nationswell Council


Emily Chong

VP, Strategy & Partnerships at NationSwell

NationSwell is delighted to have Paul as a Council member. His personal and professional accomplishments and dedication to making America better are impressive and the reason why we believed Paul would be a tremendous addition to the network. Paul provides a unique and valuable perspective and voice to the NationSwell Council and we look forward to having him as a valued member for years to come.

October 30, 2015, Emily worked directly with Paul at NationSwell



Blue Jay Syndicate

Sebastian Seiguer, JD, MBA

CEO at emocha Mobile Health Inc.

Paul is both an investor in emocha Mobile Health as well as a trusted advisor. As the Director of Blue Jay Syndicate, lead investor of our Seed Round, he was meticulous and professional throughout the due diligence and negotiation process. His positive approach to our business, as well as his extensive network, have been a huge help. Paul has my strongest recommendation as a business partner.

September 4, 2015, Sebastian was with another company when working with Paul at Blue Jay Syndicate

Michael Batista

CEO & Cofounder, Quantified Care; NSF Graduate Research Fellow, Johns Hopkins

Quantified Care has been fortunate to work with Paul over the past one and a half years during the very early lifecycle of our company. During that time, Paul has been an incredible asset, first as an investor in Quantified Care and later as an adviser who always makes himself available to provide input, feedback, and support. Most importantly, Paul has been incredibly generous in leveraging his extensive network of domain experts, customer leads, and investors which have generated real, tangible value for Quantified Care. We thank Paul for his hard work and look forward to our continued relationship.

June 2, 2015, Michael was with another company when working with Paul at Blue Jay Syndicate

Neil Rens

Digital Health/Clinical Strategy Intern at Sharecare, Inc.

For the past few months, Paul has been a great source of wisdom for Aezon. His experience with founding, running, and funding startups is invaluable. Adept at asking the right questions, Paul’s advice has helped improve our business practices.

May 24, 2015, Neil was Paul's client

Seal-Bin Han

Founder at FitMango

In a company's lifespan, there are many inflection points that have the potential to change the company's trajectory. For ShapeU, meeting Paul was definitely one of these moments, as his advice and support have fundamentally improved the way that we operate. He has helped me restructure the team and has helped establish clear, attainable goals that have removed much of the fog that is associated with scaling a business. I feel comfortable reaching out to him because he is a fun, approachable, and kind mentor. I feel comfortable acting on his advice because his proven track record shows that many of the problems that we are facing as a business are problems that he has already overcome in his past ventures.

Paul is an essential advisor to ShapeU and I am absolutely thrilled to have him on our team as we continue to scale the business. For any startup founder who is looking for advice, especially during the early growth stages, Paul is someone you need to speak with. You can get investment from thousands of different people, but it's the advice and mentorship that comes with Paul that makes him someone you need to have in your corner.

May 18, 2015, Seal-Bin was with another company when working with Paul at Blue Jay Syndicate

David Narrow

CEO at Sonavex, Inc.

Sonavex has been incredibly fortunate to work with Paul as both an advisor and investor. Paul is dependable and makes himself available as needed to sort through challenging decisions and contribute creative insights. One of Paul's greatest strengths is his ability to identify relevant resources within his network and facilitate relationships. It has been a great pleasure working with Paul. 

May 8, 2015, David was with another company when working with Paul at Blue Jay Syndicate

Don Kurz

Chairman and CEO, Omelet LLC

Paul is the rare breed that combines financial acumen with excellent operating experience.  He operates with the highest level of integrity and his follow through is impeccable.  I am proud he is an investor in Omelet and strongly recommend him to any company looking for a strategic advisor or investor.

Peter Steinberg

Founder, Flashlight Worthy Books

In the short while I’ve known Paul I’ve come to find his forthright approach and open mind refreshing. Best of all, Paul isn’t afraid to say “I don’t know."


Angel Investor, Venture Capitalist, and Company Adviser

Private Angel Investor

Frank Glaser

Founder/CEO at Angulus

Paul has been a terrific advisor to Angulus. He got involved early on and has been active and available ever since. Paul is sharp and has proven able to translate his experience to a wide range of products and industries. In our case, Paul was extremely quick to understand our product and market, enabling him to add valuable insights. However, Paul's networking abilities are what make him a standout advisor. He goes out of his way to connect you with folks that will be value add (investors, customers, consultants, attorneys, etc.) and helps to really nurture those connections. I'm very grateful for Paul's continued contributions to our company.

May 8, 2015, Frank worked directly with Paul at Private Angel Investor

Frank Vittorini


Could not have asked for a better advisor to our startup uSTADIUM than Paul. He has added an extra dimension to our operations that gives our team additional confidence and expertise. Paul's intuition combined with his communication skills and honesty is truly special. As our startup's first advisor Paul has helped us grow (exponentially) with his marketing tactics, monetization ideas, and has bridged connections with numerous entrepreneurs and investors. He has been an absolute pleasure to work with and would highly recommend Paul to any team.

May 6, 2015, Frank worked directly with Paul at Private Angel Investor

Ron Robinson

Founder, CEO at BeautyStat.com

Paul has a very unique perspective as he's currently an active investor, entrepreneur and board adviser. With this rare combination plus his strategic focus, Paul has been able to give us insights to help take our business to the next level.

September 9, 2014, Ron was with another company when working with Paul at Private Angel Investor

Branko Cerny

Empowering the next generation of sales leaders

Paul is the type of angel investor who gets involved when he believes he can add a lot of value to a particular company. Conversations with him are not interviews, they are dialogues founded on "How can I help?" It's been amazing having him on our side.

August 16, 2014, Branko was with another company when working with Paul at Private Angel Investor

Jeb Balise

CEO at PuzzleSocial

As an angel investor in my company, Paul took the time to reach out and get to know me better on a personal level. Shortly thereafter he made smart, strategic suggestions that had an immediate impact on the growth and trajectory of our start-up. Paul is a great resource for business ideas and a great person to bounce ideas off of. If he doesn't have an immediate answer he can probably connect you to someone who does.

August 14, 2014, Jeb was with another company when working with Paul at Private Angel Investor

Jimmy Lyons

Cofounder and CEO at advisorCONNECT

Paul is scrupulous in his role as a company adviser. His selective methodology of working with a company makes sense when you realize the energy and thought he puts into the role. He is as generous with his knowledge as he is with his networks and the ability to make introductions. To call him an adviser would not be doing him justice, Paul has become a part of our team!

April 23, 2014, Jimmy was with another company when working with Paul at Private Angel Investor

Travis Lowry

Operations Lead - Expansion Team at Reserve

As an angel Paul provides far more than just capital. He exhibits legitimate, focused interest at both the strategic and the granular level. Always available for a call or coffee, he has many times been a calm and analytical voice of reason. Furthermore, he maintains deep connections throughout the angel, VC and service provider communities. At the end of the day, Paul is an angel that you call when you have an honest, pressing question, not merely a standard investor update.

April 18, 2014, Travis was with another company when working with Paul at Private Angel Investor

Eileen Murphy

Founder of ThinkCERCA

Paul is a true value add investor. He has shared so many great lessons in building early stage companies with me and is one of the most resourceful connectors I know. Paul is is also perennially positive, which always helps.

Ali Hamed

Co-Founder and General Partner, CoVenture

We have about 150 investors. About 10% of them are helpful and additive to what we do when we ask. And about 2% of them are helpful even without us asking, but because they're true supporters. And Paul is one of those in the 2%. If he's on your cap table, you're better off. Full Stop.

Brian Fruchey

Tech Recruiting Analytics Manager, Facebook

I was immediately impressed with Paul.  His ability to articulate the uneven distribution of investment funds for entrepreneurs was only eclipsed by his passion to change it.  I'm excited to be a partner in several of his initiatives:  Not only for the investment outcomes but also for the positive impact we can have on entrepreneurs and the broader investment community.




Carlo Cisco

Founder & CEO of SELECT

Paul was instrumental in raising our first round of angel capital. He's incredibly knowledgable, has an eye for catching startups with tremendous potential early, and has built an incredible network of people who value his opinion and insight. He also has a unparalleled passion for startups and actively looks for opportunities to help startups grow beyond providing capital. This dramatically increases the likelihood of positive returns and the size of returns for investors and founders.

September 3, 2015, Carlo was with another company when working with Paul at Gaingels

Donald Coolidge

CEO Elemental Path

Paul was an investor in our first round of funding at Elemental Path and was instrumental to our growth. He took the time to understand our business and provided invaluable time and energy to help me execute on our growth strategies. Easy to work with, knowledgable, and most importantly ~ easily accessible to his portfolio companies.

September 3, 2015, Donald worked directly with Paul at Gaingels

Aaron Hurst

The Purpose Economist

Paul is one of the most influential and effective seed investors in NYC. He understands the power of networks and has built one of the most powerful networks of investors on the East Coast and increasingly across the country.

September 2, 2015, Aaron was with another company when working with Paul at Gaingels

Arthur Woods

Co-Founder, Imperative | Entrepreneur, Writer, Speaker on the Future of Work

The Gaingels joined our seed round for Imperative and immediately hit the ground running advising us on growth, connecting us to business development leads as well as investors for future rounds. It has been an absolute joy working with them.

January 2, 2015, Arthur was with another company when working with Paul at Gaingels

Jim Sherman

Serial Entrepreneur (ShermansTravel Media, Hamptons Lane) | Angel Investor

Paul is one of the most connected people that I know in the start-up and investor community around New York.  Not only is he a wonderful sounding board on potential investment opportunities, he also is a terrific mentor to early stage firms.  I’m impressed by what he’s built with Gaingels, his network of wonderfully talented peers, and his skills in generating quality deal flow. 

Anthony Rosen

Chief Financial Officer, Adore Me

I first met Paul when I joined the Gaingels network, and was immediately impressed by his knowledge and expertise in the area of angel investing, as well as his vast network in the VC community.  He is able to provide the guidance of an experienced investor and make connections when you need them.  On top of all that he's just a super nice guy!

David Beatty

Managing Director, Golden Seeds | CEO, Gorann, Inc.

Paul is just great to work with.  He has a passion for supporting the companies we work with, combined with an energy and drive that adds tremendous value and efficiency in making things happen and getting important things done.  Paul also maintains a strong network of people and has that wonderful ability to make people feel good about helping others though the constant introductions he makes to highly relevant people.

Nathan Richardson

Co-Founder, Trading Ticket, Inc.

Paul is one of the most networked, hardest working Angels with a passion for making an impact.  Both proactively and when we've reached out for support - Paul delivers.

Ken Leppert

General Council, FiftyThree, Inc.

It’s really amazing what Paul has managed to accomplish for LGBT entrepreneurs in such a short time.  Along with his co-founder, he has created an incredible community of investors, advisors, and entrepreneurs who wouldn’t otherwise be working together.  Now Gaingels is really taking off, and I can’t wait to see what it’ll look like a year from now and beyond.”

Mario Mercado

Founder and CEO, Bats-Toi

Gaingels has been an invaluable resource. Its commitment and value to my company has been an invaluable resource.

Yuni Sameshina

Co-Founder and Chicory

Not only has Gaingels been easy to work with, but members started providing value before we even started the funding process!

Erika Mozes

Co-Founder of HYR

Gaingles was the first investor group we pitched, and we are so excited to be working with them! We identified them as a group we wanted to work with because of their commitment to the LGBT community and the group of impressive and experienced investors that make up their syndicate. The mentorship, support and leadership the network provides is invaluable to our company’s growth.

James Brooks

CEO of Glassview Media

The Gaingels are a great group of high quality professionals with whom we have been extremely happy to work with. Shortly after being introduced to the organization, we secured new client revenue from the introductions made within their ranks, naturally, this exceeded our expectations.

Matt Tumbleson 

CEO of Teckst

The Gaingels joined in our seed round for Imperative, turned around a quick investment from its members and immediately hit the ground running to advise us on strategy and business development. The Gaingels have proven to not only invest money, but also the time, energy and direction to help its portfolio companies thrive. As an LGBTQ Co-Founder, it means a lot to me to see the Gaingels building a strong support network of investors and entrepreneurs.

Advisor Connect team

Gaingels is a great network of investors committed to empowering LGBT entrepreneurs through mentorship, coaching, and offering them access to capital. It is a pleasure to work, and collaborate, with seasoned professionals across multiple industries and backgrounds.


Pervasive Group

James Zhou


Paul is a dynamic entrepreneur. His work developing strategies for Pervasive Group’s lean growth and marketing and branding MMGuardian with both consumers and potential distribution partners and have played a pivotal role in helping Pervasive Group grow. I would be excited to work together with Paul again on future projects.

September 10, 2013, James managed Paul at Pervasive Group

Joel Holl

Director of Platform Products at Comcast Business

Paul and I have worked together successfully to develop Pervasive Group’s growth strategies with both consumers in our target market and larger distribution partners. Paul’s outside the box, imaginative approach to entrepreneurial marketing and branding, including awards earned for MMGuardian at International CES and CTIA Wireless and multi-faceted advertising campaigns to drive adoption, have helped create significant opportunities for Pervasive Group to grow and for MMGuardian to become a leading product in our space.

September 10, 2013, Joel worked with Paul at Pervasive Group



TechLaunch LLC

Panu Keski-Pukkila

Manager at Ezy Expense

From the very first time we met Paul it became obvious that he has the unique skill to identify the relevant weaknesses of products and businesses in a manner that guides entrepreneurs on how overcome them. His advice has helped us develop a better product and solidify our strategy. Paul is very responsive, always ready to help, and truly cares about early stage companies.

September 17, 2013, Panu worked directly with Paul at TechLaunch LLC



New York Angels

Aaron J. Horowitz

Co-Founder & CEO at Sproutel

As both a mentor and investor Paul's advice is always pertinent and helpful. He has the unique ability to look at things from a broad perspective , giving constructive feedback where it's needed most.

September 10, 2013, Aaron J. was with another company when working with Paul at New York Angels

Aleksandar Vukasinovic

Founder and CEO of emozia

Paul is an incredible mentor. He is tremendously engaged - he understands our business and has helped us progress in product and business development. His insight and experience has helped us better understand our product and the marketplace. He is very generous with his time and truly cares about the entrepreneurs and the companies he works with. His input and expertise has been crucial in emozia's progress.

September 10, 2013, Aleksandar was with another company when working with Paul at New York Angels


Editor and Partner

L&M Media

Mo Johnson

Owner, JP Products Inc.

Paul and I worked tirelessly as partners to grow L&M Sports Media. Paul excelled as a lean startup operator and brand builder; utilizing out of the box thinking and low-capital, high-return strategies including search engine optimization, high quality content creation, and advertising partnerships to build and nurture L&M Sports Media’s Best Sports Blog brand. I would definitely value Paul as a partner, advisor, and investor in future projects.

September 11, 2013, Mo worked directly with Paul at L&M Media